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1) n. A dirty ass brand of the cheap vodka only available at East End Liquors in Easton, MD. Not only do you get shitfaced for $5.79 a fifth, but your guaranteed free booting and a wicked two day hangover as well. Easily recognizable by a label illustrating a lame attempt at a russian castle and the plain words "Kimnoff Vodka". And don't try to put it in watermelons or make a mixed drink- it can't be covered up. However, a large profit can be made off unsuspecting minors if poured into a smirnoff bottle.
1) Fucking kimnoff! Why did I come back to you?
2) "Hey Charles, give me a fifth of that kimnoff shit- I only got six bucks"
"Damn, your liver is gonna be torn up"
3) Those suckers bought a fifth of kimnoff for $20, and soon after were seen booting off the porch."
by krazykimnoff July 08, 2004
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