Kimberly is a fire-crotch bitch. She is evil. She is a pill fiend. She's a thief and a liar. She's a miserable hag who loves to start shit with people. She loves to cry and whine about her pathetic life so people feel sorry for her and pay attention to her. She's wore out and crotchety. She is a joke and everyone laughs at her sorry ass life. She's ugly and pale. She's weak and stupid. She's an intolerable bitch. She smells like death and percocet. The mere sight of Kimberly makes you angry and want to smack her face off. The sound of her voice is like a dying cat in heat (make sense?) Yeah, thats how awful it is. You will want to punch her in the throat just to shut her up if you're around her nasty ass. Kimberly is a sorry ass loser and the most pathetic thing you could be.
If you cant get a handle on life because you're a pathetic bitchass loser, you're Kimberly

Kimberly is the meaning of being a full blown, out of control pill head....'Nuff said.
#pill head #loser #ugly #firecrotch #bitch #hag #pathetic #weak #stupid #liar #thief #cry baby
by SoSexiLexi June 24, 2011
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A sweet compassionate girl that finds the beauty in everything. She is always willing to give a helping hand. Everyone loves her as soon as they meet her. Tends to be very sexy and confident.
Going on a mission trip to Ukraine is such a Kimberly thing to do.
#compassionate #sweet #beautiful #loving #selfless
by b.n. May 06, 2008
The definition of amazing.
Kimberly is amazing!
#kimberly #is #amazing #kim #wow
by Shender August 08, 2008
Beyond beautiful. Absolutley amazing.

Person #1: That girl in math class is so Kimberly dude...

Person #2: Yeah, I know bro.
#amazing #beautiful #sweet #cute #hot #sexy
by I Love You... November 04, 2006
cute, beautiful, and intelligent. enjoys going off topic and will laugh at anything and anyone without a care. she has nice wavy hair that has nver been dyed because shes so real but then again she wears contacts but its ok vbecause she is kind of blind without them (HAHAAHA). has a nice round ass, if you've ever been at the beach with her...lucky lucky. she attracts everyone, male, female, dog, trashcan. i love kim!
kimberly likes to eat
#kim #kimberly #weird #fat #amazing
by princess peach.. September 27, 2007
Beautiful, sexy, sweet and smart. Even more beautiful on the inside. This girl will make all your dreams come true. You'll never want to take your eyes off of her, she'll always amaze you and make you laugh. Great in bed. The one you will never want to let go of and if you do you will regret forever.
Kimberly is the girl I want to marry.
#hott #smart #sexy #amazing #sweet
by JRSesta February 23, 2010
Kimberly is a awsome person you will ever meet..... She funny and nice and you can always count on her....One day you may meet a Kimberly...Well hope one day you can!
Girl: Hey! Have you meet kimberly yet?
Boy: No why?
Girl: I have she is nice and sweet..You should meet her.
Boy: Okay I will go meet her right now!
#met #mean #sour #shouldnt #later
by Emely C February 15, 2009
Girl who...
A. listens to you
B. has too much energy
C. might be a little annoying
D. is very talkative
E. is very smart (but sometimes does not show it)
F. is in love with some right now (but may not know it)
Boy1: DUDE! That Kimberly is sooo INSANE!
Boy2: DUDE! But look up! I think she loves you!
Boy1: OMG dude! ima ask her out!
Kimberly: WTF is happening over here?!
#kim #boy1 #boy2 #hot #insane #smart #energy #girl
by WtfIsHappeningOverHere?! November 15, 2009
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