me > bbq > soldier
killbox goes to the picnic and says "fo shizzle dizzle fucking camper"
by huh June 27, 2003
Top Definition
Military term used to discribe an area on a grid map that a mission planner designates targets to be destroyed. Pilots are usually assigned a kill box when flying strike missions.
2 Iraqi tanks were in Viper 3's kill box, and he blew them to bits.
by Ken Gman March 04, 2008
Female genitalia that has been infected with an STD.
I hooked up with Lillian last weekend and have been scratching myself ever since. She must have a killbox.
by Morrisony April 07, 2011
A kill box is 'Where you go to die'.
It means that it is in the middle of all the action (usually where the cross fire) takes place and you would be unlucky to be caught in such an area.
This applies in real life and in video games.
"This is NOT where you want to be Tony!
This area is the Kill Box!"
- Iron Man 2 , Rhodes
by Dudester567 October 25, 2010
Slang term for the area inside an intersection, bordered by the crosswalks painted on the pavent.

Area in an intersection where red light runners collide with crossing traffic.

Area most likely for a motorcyle rider to get hit.
Be careful when entering the kill box, especially on a motorcycle.
by Ken Gman March 04, 2008
me > soldier > bbq
killbox goes to a bbq and says: "fo shizzle dizzle, im gonna kizzle you fucking camper."
by huh June 27, 2003
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