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killing 5 to 10 people at the same time or in a very short time frame. The saying was first used in Rockstars/DMA's Grand Theft Auto and later copied by microsofts Halo.
(5 or more people killed) commentor shouts: "killll frenzyy" (exaggarated pronunciation of kill frenzy)
by Frank Delmonmte June 17, 2008
Kill Frenzy : A killing mania; a killing craze.

The phrase first used in (1997)Grand Theft auto 1. In the game whenever killing a great number of people in a short time frame it was called a Kill frenzy.

A name adopted by a Belgian Juke/House producer and dj in 2004. Kill Frenzy : Wich by he means:

( Killing it on the Tracks/Turntables )
He went on a kill frenzy.
by SimonTemplar December 16, 2008
In Halo 2, when you kill 6 noobs within 4 seconds of each other.
im so fuckin good, i just got a killfrenzy!!!!!!!!!
by Captain Homeless September 21, 2006
In Halo, when you get 6 Kills within 4 seconds of each other.
Halo Multilayer Announcer says "Kill Frenzy" when you get 6 kills.
by bucsboy January 22, 2007
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