Kielbasa sausage. a term refering to the mans genital organs, originating from a German meal consisting mainly of suasage. can also be used as a doing word for the rapid action of swinging the males organs to hit another person in the face with the organ. see also helicopter
"yo bitch suck on my kielbasa!"
" my kielbasa sausage has just got to perform"
"take this!" *smacks genitals around ones face*
by apeshit November 25, 2004
Top Definition
1) Polish sausage

2) A large penis
Damn I'm sore! Baby boy split my bun with his kielbasa last night.
#schlong #man meat #chorizo #cocktail weenie #vienna sausage
by Ayudame February 22, 2006
A Polish man's penis. It is known for being extremely large and deadly upon penetration of the female body.
Jenna had eyeball-rolling orgasms when Bartek rammed his kielbasa inside her.
#penis #large #orgasms #polish #polska #sperm #vagina #pussy #clitoris
by Polezilla January 14, 2010
Polish word which means sausage. Period
I love eating sausage. - Uwielbiam jesc kielbasa.
#kielbasa #sausage #polish #word #polska
by LLLLLLLLLL October 07, 2007
The Polish sausage. Considered not only by Poles, to be very tasty and nourishing. Genuine 'kielbasas' are made from meat, have little harmful additives and very often are cured and dried.
Ta kielbasa jest rzeczywiscie bardzo smaczna.
This kielbasa is really very tasty.
#kielbasa #sausage #polish #cured meat #tasty
by Lukasz Pietras May 20, 2006
(keel bah sah) noun. A guy's penis that is larger than anyone would expected for his height, build, and/or race. Usually occurs with guys that are shorter or skinnier than the average guy.
After she turned down an offer for a date from the skinny guy, she found out he had a kielbasa, so she had a friend bring him to her party so they could hook-up.
#penis #keilbasa #sex #surpise #size
by Moism July 14, 2010
a term used in Tenacious D's Kielbasa song, and other uses. it means Penis
woo my kielbasa is big tonight!
by DigitalN. January 15, 2005
A type of sausage
my kielbasa sausage, your buttcheeks is warm
by Anonymous February 04, 2003
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