Prison slang for bullshitting.
I wasn't snitching to the C.O., we was just kickin the bobo.
by Signal 20 September 30, 2006
Top Definition
1. Hanging out
2. Doing one's own thing
3. Slang to describe a situtation generally
So I was kicking the bobos, and then George and Ryan came over and we played some hot flaming Risk(TM) action. (Played a board game... i.e. had a good time hanging out)

John was kicking the bobos, and then his girlfriend came over; then they they proceded to watch a movie.

Jebediah was kicking the bobos on the levy, and this lynch mob came out of no where, thus there was a mighty pussiant high speed car chase as a result.
by Ioanies Maximus November 11, 2003
Playing the dozens, bad mouthing, trash talking etc.
Calvin said, "I ain't got time to be sittin round kickin' the bobo with y'all!"
by Funky Fresh May 04, 2006
Chillen; hangin out
hey jim whats happenin?" jim: "just kickin the bo-bo's charlie
by syentifik November 21, 2010
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