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Check out the kicks that nigga is sportin'.
by kgirl November 06, 2003
13 6
The bass drum on a drumset. Created by musicians and recording engineers so they wouldn't confuse the drum and the bass guiter. Derived from the use of a pedal to play the drum.
You forgot to mic the kick.

24 17
your shoes
yo, yo kicks are raw
by julia November 07, 2003
10 4
Kilogram of Narcotics, usually Cocaine.
"Cop the Key for 10 to 12, my Mexican friends got that Yayo, break it down into quarter kicks and proceed to make that mail." - C-Bo feat. Master P. That's How We Break Bread
by DonGeorgeo January 09, 2010
8 3
Term used to describe something of great value
"Dude, those tits are kick" or "That was totally fucking kick"
by Substantially Fucked August 24, 2006
13 8
Slang for shoes
Greg: Yo I got me some new gear
Arnold: Those are some phat kicks you got
by matt October 01, 2002
13 8
To slightly upgrade or enhance an object or deed.
"How good is this lemonade, I bet its been kicked."
"Let's give the cake a kick."
by JORDrumm August 16, 2009
5 1