Kick awesome is obviously the combination of kickass and awesome used when you want to emphasize that something is twice all indigenous as usual. Usually used as an interjection for excitement.
They're coming on tour? Kick Awesome! I've always wanted to go to their show.
by Peterson Mcbee July 21, 2005
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The Venn intersection of awesome and kick-ass.
Alternatively: the subset inclusive of members of the both the set of things that are awesome, and the set of things that are kickass
ie: Things that are both awesome and also kickass.

First known usage: December 30, 2004 by Joshua "Danger" French, in an IM conversation regarding polar bears, documented in a blog-post by Bex Schwartz entitled "Crossing the North Pole with a Curtain Rod and an Old Duck."
Once, I saw a unicorn go after a baby harp seal and he totally impaled the harp seal on his horn. It was astoundingly kickawesome, even though I rarely endorse the harm of aquatic mammals.
by Anne Coperdink December 14, 2006
A kickass combination of awesomeness.

Its actual first usage was not by the person from the other definition, but actually by "kimicharlotte" on the Neopets forum, back in 2003.

Neopets had strict filters (and probably still has).
Hamtaro was kickawesome back in 2003, when I was in 3rd grade.
by kimicharlotte March 08, 2009
The occurrence of kicking a person or inanimate object that has been named or deemed awesome

Dude Barney, you're so awesome! -kick-
by CupricCow May 06, 2011
An instance involving an authoritative figure's arrival mid-word. Saying kickass can be diverted into kickawesome to prevent the use of profanity.
This happy meal is so kickas-- kickawesome! Hi grandma! I didn't see you there!
by CupricCow May 06, 2011
A situation where a spectacular event has occurred without any instance of physical violence (thus eliminating kickass)
Had a kickawesome time with Ghandi last week!
by CupricCow May 06, 2011
Something that is beyond awesome. A catchphrase by a forum goer by the name of derek. If something is just too cool for saying awesome, you would probably want to say kick awesome.
That drawing is kick awesome.
by derektherobot October 30, 2006

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