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Slang for crumbs of rock cocaine. Comes from urban origin.
Recording Start-23:43
"Joo got sum kibbles n' bits left for me, Rocko?" "Sure, want some Z to mix, my friend?" "Anything to keep me from hanging low." Recording End-23:59
by Smkngmgc June 20, 2004
18 17
see: stuff n' junk
he/she went to town on my kibbles n' bits like a starving chihuaua
by Sleep October 01, 2003
20 11
KB, kine bud
that dank ass herb that gets you smacked
im pushin straight kibbles n' bits
by thedankery September 19, 2006
18 13
the mixture of the two drugs ritalin and talwin taken at the same time.
Man, i got all messed up on kibbles n' bits last night!
by bluzcrazy April 24, 2006
5 7