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KB, kine bud
that dank ass herb that gets you smacked
im pushin straight kibbles n' bits
by thedankery September 19, 2006
see: stuff n' junk
he/she went to town on my kibbles n' bits like a starving chihuaua
by Sleep October 01, 2003
Slang for crumbs of rock cocaine. Comes from urban origin.
Recording Start-23:43
"Joo got sum kibbles n' bits left for me, Rocko?" "Sure, want some Z to mix, my friend?" "Anything to keep me from hanging low." Recording End-23:59
by Smkngmgc June 20, 2004
the mixture of the two drugs ritalin and talwin taken at the same time.
Man, i got all messed up on kibbles n' bits last night!
by bluzcrazy April 24, 2006