The man who invented meks. Short asian, who is far too good at starcraft for his own well being. Homophobic, and he has some crazy secret.
Where's khoo when you need to hit him?
by Reverend Tim January 14, 2004
Top Definition
A small being that say's "Mates!" and "Fuck you Tom!" a lot. Is indirectly the cause of anything and everything that goes wrong and is usable when you need someone to blame.

Is also at the same time a Deity and must be worshiped and have sacrifices offered to as he holds to power to kill you with his mind.
You run out of milk.
"Damn you Khoo!"

The world ends.
"Damn you Khoo!"

"All hail King Khoo, lest he eat you."
by Tom Ellis October 20, 2006
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