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To kholk people is to put up a facade of actually doing something, when in fact nothing is being done at all. Many claims should be made to support process, but only half assed/unfinished/non-working things should be presented. Often kholking involves money.
I kholked through the whole month at work, but my boss caught on and fired me. It's alright though, I got paid.
by that______Guy July 03, 2011
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To grab work from others and share bits and pieces of it in an attempt to make others think you actually know what your doing. Once vague unfinished work is public money is then requested in the form of donations from people hoping to use the finished product that will never actually be released. To continue the kholkery it isn't uncommon to release broken products with no actual support hoping that more donations come. When a kholk is called out they can always hide behind the mysterious "spies" that are out to get you.
I just got some good info from some developers so I'm going to post what I know and kholk the shit out of some hopeful n00bs.
by PH.C July 16, 2011

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