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When you randomly type an obscene word or phrase for no apparent reason other than you felt like it or wanted to see what it looked like.
Professor: John, why does your term paper have the words "Horse Fucker" in the middle of it?

John: Sorry. I had keyboard Tourette's last night and I forgot to erase it
by Shane21332 November 12, 2007
Occurs when someone becomes annoyed, bored, or simply cannot think of anything else to say in an online or texting conversation. The results can vary in characters and length, depending on how frustrated or bored the person is at that moment. This doesn't usually last long, only for one or two messages and is sometimes followed by an awkward moment where the person is unsure if that was a little too wierd or not.
person 1 - yeah
person 2 - lol
person 1 - =]
person 2 - sdrkjgherkjga
person 1 - keyboard tourettes?
person 2 - yep =]
by zpu!7 November 19, 2010
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