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1.Someone who attemtps to pick fights with anyone and everyone in a chat room.

2.Someone who argues just to get a raise out of someone else online
man1: hey RandompersonA (insert random stupid shit here about other persons mom/girlfriend/country/dog )

RandompersonA: Dude back the hell up i wasn't talking to you

man1: oh really what are you going to do about it. If you wanna go lets go

RandompersonA: well if thats what you really want my address is ------------------ lets go bitch

man1: like i would come to your house your most likely some crazy dude who wants to eat me or something

RandomepersonA: STFU no one cares that your a keyboard tough guy
by 1h81337 May 19, 2007
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keyboard tough guy: someone who is needlessly belligerent/confrontational in online settings but is a meek little bitch in real life. Because of poor life choices, a typical keyboard tough guy works a dead end job and lives in a rathole apartment in shitty neighborhood or rent-free with his parents. He is consumed by his jealousy of people who are more successful than him and his willingness to blame everybody but himself for his problems. As a result he suffers from low self esteem and anger issues. In the online world he can a.) raise his self esteem by acting far more aggressively than he would ever do in real life settings and b.) vent his anger by projecting his jealousy, insecurity, and sexual frustration onto others in a non face to face setting. keyboard tough guys tend to use douchey screen names and often make pathetic attempts to sound 'street' in their posts. They also frequently use ALL CAPS (the online equivalent of screaming like a little girl) when berating people. An inordinate number of keyboard tough guys can be found on sports forums (personally attacking people who criticize players or teams they worship) or political forums (spouting off on angry occupy wall street or tea party orientated rants and throwing personal insults at anyone who disagrees with them). When a keyboard tough guy attacks you just troll them right back: they will often run away from an argument they start when another user cuts through the bullshit and puts them in their place .
Football_Fan_1 - Cant believe Roger Goodell reduced Greg Hardy's suspension.

DaRealDeal17 - STOP IT!! Youz just jealous of Hardy cuz he makes more in a month than u do in a year and gets bitches every night! You'z a dumbazz fool you don't know nuthin bout playing in da NFL! Hez a GLADIATOR just like I waz when I played in high school ad idve been honored to have a teammate wit his mad skillz!!! YOU COULDNT DO FOR A DAY WHAT HE DOEZ FOR A LIVNG YOU LOSAH!!!! YUZ A BITCH! YUZ PROVING HOW STUPID YOU ARE!!!! STOP IT!

Football_Fan_1 - Ok keyboard tough guy, what do you know about playing in the NFL? your profile says you're a 40 year old stock boy. And Hardy's going to be washed up & broke in ten years; maybe you guys will be stocking shelves together. and are you trying to sound 'mad ghetto'? you sound like a tool. grow up.
by DRD75 June 16, 2016
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