Owner of a kickass messageboard and a great guy overall. So great he is going to give all his users a bum in rank!
Kess is Kess.
by Sasu...somebody. September 01, 2003
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one phat mutha ****a, on who is a total badass
llamaofdoom is Kess-tastic
by llamaofdoom September 01, 2003
Teddy bear-like front with lion beneath waiting to pounce
My boy be kessin the bitches like none other.
by mariman666 June 22, 2006
Nazi administrator.
Kess was the internet co-heir to hitler along with cjayc.
by Penis from the sky. September 01, 2003
1. A completely two-faced suckup or ass kisser who will do anything to get accepted by a particular group of people.

2. A pathological liar who will lie about his or her personal qualities and characteristics in order to fit in with a particular group of people.

We saw straight through his lies and called him straight out as a kess.

That fucking kess won't get his mouth off of that guys dick.
by Sage Rosenfels October 07, 2008
see retard
dude that guy is such a Kess...lol.
by dot dot dot May 16, 2004
t3h h@><0r
Kess hacked 404!
by d00d September 01, 2003

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