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A nightly occurence to the World of Warcraft servers. Then the forum bored. Then everybody goes out and gets laid. Well, some of us do.
1. Kerplosion! The WoW server went down again.

2. The WoW server has once again Kerploded.
by Samsong October 26, 2004

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The sound you hear when you open a bag of chips.
When the bag of chips was opened, a loud kerplosion was heard.
by Sean February 26, 2005
An explosion that is mostly a shockwave instead of fire.
As in: a real one.
(at a police training acedademy)
You see, when the grenade detonates, its not a explosion like you see in the movies, its a kerplosion.
by Dujac0 January 25, 2008