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That face you make when you suck your lips inward and downward, just like Kermit the Frog.
OMG dude, that macro just made me Kermit face!
by mrmikeyman July 04, 2008
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The look you have on your face when there are no words to describe how you feel because someone says or does something incredibly stupid, hilarious, or unbelievable. In it's most perfect form it looks exactly like Kermit the frog's face.
After seeing, and disregarding, a sign reading "Do Not Enter", Jeff drove his car up the exit ramp of the parking lot, over the security spikes, then complained to his co-workers about having 4 flat tires. Upon seeing and hearing this, they all kermitfaced Jeff for his stupidity.
by KermitCPhT March 05, 2014

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