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Kepnock is a school that houses inbred students from all over Bundaberg. The school is only good for placing bubble gum on and pissing all over the toilet bowl. Many students steal from the schools equipment and it is rather sad because they are stealing 15year old items that would probably be rejected at life line. Being known for retards and stuck up defects, they still manage to gain more students every year. Teachers there such as Fat Geddies (Miss. Geddies) and Dogland (Mr. Dooland) not to mention Fat Ass (Mr. Halkins), thisschool is probably the best choice for public schooling in Bundaberg. Some of the common things you will see day to day is retards playing handball and people smoking in the toilets. common? well statistics say that kepnock farms more drug attics then any other school. Are your kids safe? ofcourse they are. if they weren't then we wouldn't tell you anyway.
"Hey man I heard you go to kepnock"

"you mean krapnock?"
by Garno August 05, 2007
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