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Kendra's usually have Blonde hair, and Blue eyes. They are extremely gorgeous! They are shy around most people that they don't talk to everyday. Kendra's are loveable and they love sports. They have a HUGE heart for the ones that belong there. They are perfect in every single way. Any guy would be luck to have her. They like guys who are taller then her, holds her hand in public, who's not afraid to tell people that Kendra is their girl. Once you have one keep her. And they believe in "once a cheater always a cheater" :) Kendra's are also a pain in the left ass cheek. 💙
Ashley: Did you see Kendra today? She's so perfect, I wish I was her

Blaise: Yes! Every girl wishes to be her!!
by ~the kendranattor~ January 10, 2014
4 1
Typical white girl who can't get enough black dick. Breaks up with her boyfriend, then gets back together two/three days later. Short, brown hair, large eyes. Will think she has big breasts but doesn't, has no butt.
Loves black men.
Kendra cheated on Tion Friday, got back together Sunday .
by Bakerflaker March 11, 2014
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Female. A flirt-o-holic that that can never stop obsessing over foreign men. Her vocabulary consists of profanity, "that's what she said," and lyrics to songs on Kiss 107.5 fm. She also exhibits certain aspects of slut-itude.
Wow, that B**** wont stop sexting my boyfriend, she is such a Kendra S.
by Kendra's Mother September 01, 2010
6 8
A number between 0.99999999 and 1.0000001, also known as 1.

May be used as a verb, noun, and adjective.

1 that gets 1's on the AP exams.

Common uses:
Shit Kendra, get it together!
The amount of AP books Kendra used to study for WHAP exceeded her AP score from the exam, which was a 1.

X: I Kendra'd the final! :(
Y: What did you get?

X: a 1.

Happy birthday, Kendra! You're only 17 ONcE!
by KathiePhan December 30, 2011
11 16
Kendra is a slut who Cheats on people and Acts like a 6 year old. She wears to much make up. Is Fake a'f and talks A LOT of shit. She never Passes Sucking a DICK! She dresses like a whore.. She always talks dirty to people. And she cannot stay to one man.(She Fuckin cheats on you with guys off Xbox that she doesn't even know. And people she does know) She looks like a raccoon (The Makeup) And she says these three words like "Hello" they are "I Love You" So Uhm yeah add this whore :D

-Sincerely, A Pissed Off Ex
Delete the Spaces :D

https :// www. facebook .com /kendra.mumper?ref=ts&fref=ts
by MexiBoy March 23, 2013
11 23
A gross slut.
Kendra: Let's have sex.
by Justmedawg July 03, 2012
7 32
so shes got a bad reputation at school, but now that she doesn't go there any more, she's changed. people think shes a whore, but not anymore. Shes a great best friend once you get to know her.
do you know kendra?
yeahh shes a whore
nooo shes changed
by KendrasBestFriend May 15, 2009
87 154