australian cattle or sheep dog
cross between border collie an a dingo
very pure breed
red cloud kelpie
silver kelpie
black kelpie
chocolate kelpie
blue heeler kelpie
by stuart peel August 02, 2006
Top Definition
1. australian stockdog
working sheep and cattle on the ranch, popular breed in Australia and Southern USA, rare in Europe. Mix of smooth borders, dingos and heelers. Accepted by FCI. Coming in different colors, solid or tan marked (black, blue, red, fawn, lilac).

blue and red heeler are known as australian cattldog - a totally different breed

2. scottish mythological creature
shape-shifting water spirit, can be seen as a horse. Quite a few kelpie legends are available.
My kelpie is a perfect help on the farm.
Its told a kelpie is living in the loch nearby.
by Lordtattersal June 11, 2007
A kelpie literally is an Irish mythological water horse, and if you tried to ride it its skin would turn adhesive and it would drag you into the water, drown you, and eat you. Used figuratively in slang it means a girl who would (metaphorically) do the same: she seems very alluring, and when you give her a piece of your heart you can't escape from her until she has dragged you into the water and you have drowned, so to speak.
Beware of that girl in our chem section––I think she's a Kelpie!
by Zazka May 20, 2011
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