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When a boy is named kelly, that usually means that he has a super huge ego. He'll think he's great at everything he does, but in reality, he SUCKS. Kelly has a tendancy to be hated by almost every person he comes in contact with. He also loves to use people just to get what he wants. In addition, Kelly is also well known to cheat on every girl he goes out with as well as make up ridiculous lies. He can't take getting dumped by anyone, and will quickly try to be the first person to do it before the girl does. He's just a load of bullshit that doesn't seem to understand that tons and tons of people hate him and are not jealous of him. Kelly thinks that he's so rich, but is actually poor, that he'll laugh at his own friends just to make himself feel better. This "thing" has an evil dark soul that will eventually die from misery.
person num 1 :omg... the retard kelly showed up bragging about his violin skills..

person num 2: dang... I feel bad for you... I mean... I'm way awsomer at the violin! I mean, really.. he SUCKS.

person num 1: careful there.... talk like that and people could say that you have his ego..

person num 2: omg... dont' tell me that I have kelly's ego!! D:
by magicianoftheera April 29, 2010

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