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The lowest degenerate of evolution regarding a species from the keftopian galaxy. No one likes keffles as their sole purpose of existence is to piss off every form of life. Theyre attracted to niggerly objects such as fried chicken, newports, and jordans. keffles can even interbreed with other undesirable species such as niggers, spics, or even chinks. They will often try to bother you with their keffle shit, you have two options, kill them, or loss your sanity and kill yourself. They are the known cause to all evil amongst us, they must be exterminated right fuckin meow. also leaders among this group include darth keffle, captain keffle, general keffle bitch, jesus christ.
'Keffles ruined my life" "mine too" "I hate kefflings with all their keffle shit" "die keffle die" "fuck you keffle"
by bessyfarmer July 15, 2012
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