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(Verb) Keetch, or Keet- To be quick with a comeback, to leave no pause,and to react immediately.

(Noun) Keetcher, or Keetchy- some one who has an immediate response.
your momma is so fat she couldn't get out of the bathroom door"(Reply)"Then how did she get in the bathroom" (Keetch Reply)"Crisco oil.
by TheTrueOneSkip June 26, 2010
another word for cooch/vagina

also used in roman terms as the mighty gay butt rapeist
also in the black terms dildo made from rusty metal
keetch ohhh yes give it to me up my anus

ohh i love putting my male keetch up my male anus

oh i like my keetch so wet with hot sauce
by czech butt June 24, 2010
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