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What to say to someone when they're getting too excited about something (can be anything).

Another way of saying "Calm down!".
A: (Person getting too excited about something)

B: Ok man, keep your pants on!
by El_Barto October 20, 2004
Used to tell overly excited/angry people to calm down.
Person One: Bro, I ordered my cheese like 45 minutes ago, where the hell is it?!?
Person Two: Dude, keep your pants on, its coming.

Person One: What in the world made you think I would take my pants off?
Person Two: I don't know, in any case, your cheese will be here soon.

Person One: Nah man, this ain't right, I'm calling the manager ... And taking my pants off!
by welcometoforever March 09, 2015
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