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Don't get too thick,pipe down, cool off, check your self, don't start no shit, want be no shit.
Check this out girlfriend, let's just keep it cute cause I don't think you want to chance me as an enemy.
by Demicci Deja Dior-Britt March 27, 2009
To remain calm, cool, and classy at times that may cause you to be otherwise. Not embarrassing yourself and maintaining your composure (i.e. physical appearance, and language) during situations that would cause you to act in an unsightly or unattractive manner.
Diana made sure to only have three drinks because she planned on Keeping it cute, rather than being a sloppy drunk

Joseline had to reminder herself to "keep it cute" when the waitress was rude to her, because she was in a high end restaurant.

Miranda had told Jess to keep it cute, So Jess made sure to pull her dress down every time it rose up while she was dancing.
by Tom_Atoe August 14, 2014
A phrase that is often used by loud ghetto girls or loud privileged white girls who are listening to rap loudly in their cars. It's often a catch phrase so you can add it onto anything or use it as reference.
"That girl Natalie has so much style. She always be keepin it cute."

"Lets get out of here. Keep it cute!"
by laquentishiavia April 30, 2010
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