It comes from the word kebob which means kebob. And you see, kebobs have large breasts, which they use to rub in the face of ashkoon.
Smurf:Papa smurf, can I lick your ass?
by [Quickman.EXE] December 11, 2004
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Top Definition
A word often used by middle eastern nationals for the traditional dish of Kebab spoken phonetically, Ke-bob's are often sold in meat retailers in east countries.
Fred - Hi, i'd like 2 shish kebabs.
Mekmet - Listen u ungratefull asshole, it's called Ke-bob
Fred - Ok, Ke-bob then bastard
Mekmet - If I hadn't eaten 10 bratwursts i'd come slap you!
by Martz July 05, 2006

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