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Form of "bathing" when you are not able to shower for some reason. Using deodorant and cologne to disguise the fact that you did not shower
"Dude, you look like a mess."
"I woke up late and had to ke$ha shower."
by omarjordan February 13, 2012
when you really need to take a shower, but are running late so simply spray yourself with excess volumes of perfume/aftershave/deodorant and hope no one will notice.
'whoa man you reek of cheap cologne!'
'yeah, i woke up late so only had time for a ke$ha shower'
by glittershitter March 01, 2012
When one baths in vodka and glitter either before or after going to a club.
Hey gurl! Ready for the club?-Bonquiqui
Yeah gurl, just gotta take a Ke$ha shower

for the guys!-Monika
by PIE March 03, 2012
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