Used as an alternative way of saying sex. Usually used in front of someone who you don't wish to know what your talking about.

Warning: make sure people know what you're talking about, because 'making some nice creamy kd on the counter' might not sit well with some people, especially if your talking about the food.
"Hey i heard john and mary were kding ?"
"Hey baby, wanna make some kd while my macaroni is still hard?"
by k&v April 24, 2007
She's a smack talking scum bag. Her stomach protrudes past her mosquito bite titties. She knows she talks a lot of smack, but doesn't really care. Beware of the dreaded KD, because she will steal your friends.
What the hell is KD doing here?
by Tell it as it is September 02, 2008
An incredibly homosexual man who loves to have all of his orfices penetrated with big man meat
Woah dude, I saw this gay porn the other day, the guy was such a KD!
by Geoff October 13, 2003
An acronym for Kentucky Deluxe, a whiskey consumed mostly by freshmen in college and frat boys because of its incredibly low price and their incredibly low standards for alcohol.
"Hey you're white and have a flat bill slightly off center on your head, so I assume you like KD!"
"You assume correctly!"
by BourbonMaster November 22, 2014

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