A hand job in a public place
Damnimhot will never get a katie in his life.
Wow! My girlfriend gave me an amazing katie last night.
by paul smith of NY February 20, 2008
A backstabbing bitch who's pathetically jealous and flashes her pasty white, cellulite ass and beer belly thinking shes hot.
"Who the fuck is that gross bitch?"
"thats Katie"
by MilkXOXOXO January 27, 2010
verb 'to katie': to make a strange exhaling noise while backing into foliage.
Person A: Bruv, where's Tina?
Person B: I dunno bruv, she just katied.
Person A: She ain't comin back.
Person B: I lie.
by mixymik89 July 10, 2008
poor unsuspecting woman that has no idea her boyfriend/lover/husband is gay
That girl is a total Katie! Her man has sleepovers with men...she thinks they are just all good friends from work that buy each other massage oils!
by Tucker518 June 11, 2008
a katie is a person who loves to steal your friends while stabbing you in the back. a person who loves transforming virgins.
Dude! I heard that chicks is hella a katie!!
by darklings February 21, 2009
lying, whore, fools around with guys that already have girlfriends, sends dirty pictures to those guys, backstabs friends, lies to their face, always blames a certain person for everything, loves booty shorts, black girl's ass
who is that girl trying to get with joey?

y, thats katie of course
by joey nips March 01, 2009
biggest fuckin whore you could ever meet. likes to kiss other girls boyfriends, often cheats on her own boyfriend. very ugly, but thinks she's hot shit. wear her shorts too short. loosest vagina you'll ever stick your dick in. every STD in the book. has bad ash tray breath. drinks coffee like it's going out of style. wear's her 6 year old sister's clothes and her mom's thongs. basicly the school slut. DIRTY. (thinks she has really friends but we all hate her) Fuck you bitch, stay away from Dick.
Hey there goes Katie with (enter girls name here)'s boyfriend.

Doesn't Katie look pregnant?

Katie let's so many boys stick it in you can fit a soda can up there!!
by fuckkatie April 19, 2009

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