Is where people of the Karma Army (Join Me - A collective based around doing Random Acts Of Kindness) meet once a year usually in London to celebrate and help spread the word though present giving. The leader Danny Wallace (Created it but was then later voted leader democratically) gives speaches and awards. For Imformation go to or buy the Book Join Me by Danny Wallace
The latest meeting was at the bottom of Oxford Street on December 6th 2003.
by Thomas Grimwood December 12, 2003
Top Definition
A portmanteau of "Karma" and "Armageddon." References "shit hitting the fan" in an extreme way while acknowledging one's contributions to that event.

Specifically, when all the (usually unpleasant) stuff you've done comes back to you at once.

The only way out is to take your licking, batten the hatches, pull back, and deal with the stuff one by one.
Man, my license was revoked for not paying those speeding tickets, my car got the boot from those unpaid parking tickets, bill collectors are calling, work's a mess from my calling in "sick," and my girlfriend found out about the affair when the other girl stopped by our place... Argh, it's karmageddon!
by grailer July 14, 2008
When there is so much karma due, that there is no need for a battle between good and evil. Karma just comes in and sweeps the evil ones off the planet.
Too many people doing too much evil. Time for karmageddon.
by Pissed at evil doers November 12, 2013
The moment when an accumulation of bad deeds catches up to you and manifests in the form of a catestrophic end-of-world type sceanrio. Usually preceeded by a feeling of impending doom.
If I don't stop, this is going to turn into a Karmageddon.
by rac3hel August 12, 2011
The end of the world caused by an individuals bad actions (or karma) but can be held back by the same or another individual good actions (or positive karma).

The better the action the more time it preserves the world. The worse the action is how the world ends, it may vary from raining cows, all the planets go into the sun or a zombie apocalypse.
"Did you just get a 12 year old girl pregnant? It's going to be Karmageddon for us all tonight then."

"Did you just save that old woman from drowning in her toilet? Karmageddon won't hit for a while! You are PFM"
by Awkward. June 07, 2014
It's when everybody is sending off all these really bad vibes, and then the Earth explodes and it's a serious bummer.
Hippie: Dude, you have to feel the love cuz otherwise it's gonna be like ... Karmageddon.
by Miss Know it All May 12, 2007
It's like, when when everybody is sending off these really bad vibes, right? And then, like,the Earth explodes and it's like a real bummer....
this is one of those words that seems like a revelation when you're stoned....
by seregil November 02, 2004
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