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Kara is the most beautiful girl on earth. She is sexually pleasing to the eye and has a sexy body. Kara usually a tall, blonde with brown eyes and she has an amazing personality. Never turns down a dare and is very agreeable. Wonderful, kind, funny, and flawless. Very outgoing, smart, and athletic. Always up for an adventure and is caring to everyone.She is an amazing friend and never lets a friend down. She tries her best to achieve goals and never stops trying until she succeeds. Gives the most comforting hugs and likes to have fun. She likes to party and have a blast even if it means some regretful moments. Kara is very daring and extremely active. She is completely faithful and honest the best girlfriend/wife you could ask for. You are the luckiest guy in the world to have her as a girlfriend/wife. All the boys want her to be their girlfriends.When you are with Kara, expect to have the time of your life!
Hot guy: Wow she is one hot girl who is that?
Hot guy's friend: You don't know her yet? Thats Kara she is one hot chick.

Hot guy: Do you think she will go out with me?
Hot guy's friend: Only if your lucky. I wasn't.
by Linda Cholnicky November 25, 2013
3 20
A bitch girl that thinks she is better than everyone and likes to pretend that she didn't spend hours looking in the mirror in the morning and she acts like she hate "unpopular people" She is a snobby rich brat with long brown hair and she thinks she is all that. She lives in a hick town and if she continues to act like a bitch I hope some one sends her to Chicago so she can get a taste of her own medicine.
Wow your really acting like a Kara this morning
by Megan4goattz November 07, 2011
26 48
A good and pure Christian woman who loves her some Tammy Wynette and over priced bumper stickers.
Come hell or high water, that Kara will always stand by her man.
by saltmouth July 04, 2011
11 33
A person who is easily distracted. Someone who's a sucker, very gullible, and easy to control.
She's very Kara.
by karasbf January 07, 2011
35 63
A girl that likes to be pooped on.
I want you to kara me tonight.
by CKALB August 03, 2010
58 102
An evil bitch who destroys the soul of those around her and sends them into a black hole of death. This girl is typically ugly as shit and has tiny little baby teeth, a huge forehead, flat blonde hair, no curves, tiny beady eyes, and typically is short.
Oh shit! Here comes Kara, don't make eye contact!
by SOL;) August 12, 2011
18 68
classic definition of maneater
"Bon qui qui is talking to Devaun again"
"she's just going to break his heart, typical kara"
by roomie208 March 16, 2009
78 158