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A crappy typo written in a definition by someone who has obviously never seen the show and thinks it's from Japan.
Dude, it's Kappa Mikey, not Kappa Mickey. And it's from America. And better than half the crap on TV right now.
by The Tomb January 23, 2008
Another stupid souless anime. i love real cartoons like The angry Beavers, Dexter, Zim, rocco, SpongeBob(not canceled, yet), Pinky & the brain, animaniacs, the old Rugrats, the old Simpsons. Ren & Stimpy. But they all are canceled know and replaced by stupid commercial soulless mindless satanic card-selling anime. Anime suck and you know that. the anime gonna destroy the good cartoons, and I know we are doomed. WE ARE AMERICANS NO JAPANESE PEOPLE. THEY CARTOONIST BETRAY US.
No more cards and videogames-selling soulless and funless cartoons kidsmindcorrupters.
A no-anime cartoonist.
kappa mickey is like Avatar, hi hi Puffy amiyumi, foster home, juniper lee, american dragon jake long, ben 10, megas xlr, teen titans
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