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Hebrew word meaning "my atonement is to you" often used as a pet name by Mizrahi(eastern) and Sephardi(Spanish origin) Jews.
What's wrong, kapara?
by mysteriousjew February 09, 2011
A word that originate in Arabic, which is highly used in Israely slang.
1. A word to decribe a good person.
2. A calling word used by Eastern people in Israel.
1.Oh, This Moran is a kapara.
2.Kapara! Come here!
by Flawskee March 28, 2005
Hebrew word that means "atonement". Used by religious Jews to let things roll off one's shoulders. Based on the belief that a bit of pain gives atonement for one's small sins. Also "kaparat avonot"
Don't worry for what happened. Kapara!
by bobojew January 22, 2014