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Hebrew word meaning "my atonement is to you" often used as a pet name by Mizrahi(eastern) and Sephardi(Spanish origin) Jews.
What's wrong, kapara?
by mysteriousjew February 09, 2011
Hebrew word that means "atonement". Used by religious Jews to let things roll off one's shoulders. Based on the belief that a bit of pain gives atonement for one's small sins. Also "kaparat avonot"
Don't worry for what happened. Kapara!
by bobojew January 22, 2014
A word that originate in Arabic, which is highly used in Israely slang.
1. A word to decribe a good person.
2. A calling word used by Eastern people in Israel.
1.Oh, This Moran is a kapara.
2.Kapara! Come here!
by Flawskee March 28, 2005
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