Someone once told me the highest thing in Kansas is this one abnormally tall highway overpass, and I believe him.
You want it flat? We've got it flat here in Kansas!
by ijustlivehere January 16, 2006
OMG PEOPLE!! the only place where hicks and rednecks are is in haysville..or any unmarked town!!! wichita is not super awesome, but we hae stuff to do!!!! Wichita is also the flight capital of the world, and my dad owns one of the huge companies here so EAT IT!!!..and Topeeka sucks..come to wichita :] We get good bands, cus we just built a huge arena and The Disturbed is the opening show so UNCE!! and yeah..kansan girls are hot..youll see..youll see..i would know!
OMG!! concert in kansasland!! and its in the middle of the u.s.!! wow..tthat was easy to drive too!
by doodoodoooo February 22, 2009
The gateway to Oz. It’s an endless, flat prarie. America’s biggest wheat field right smack in the middle of the United States. If you think your state is bad, it cant be as bad as Kansas. Absolutely no opportunities to enjoy nature, with nothing around and nothing to do. A state with nothing but farmers and extrmely rural folk who listen to country music and produce meth. Kansas can have a diverse and volitile climate. It can receive snow, but rarely. Tornados and thunderstorms are common in the spring and summer, so common that Kansas is the epitome of “tornado alley.” Kansas is one of those states that suffers from an exodus by its young and educated population to other states in the form of the brain drain, where opportunities for employment, culture and diversity are elsewhere. The people are friendly, but are hicks who drive pickup trucks and live in trailers. Topeka is the capital while Wichita is the largest city and a small one at that. It is very mediocre at best, even when compared to Oklahoma City, Kansas City or Omaha. Kansas is America’s biggest nothing in the middle of nowhere. What is a jayhawk anyway?
I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto.
by krock1dk November 29, 2007
I live in Kansas. What else can I say?
by Fred the Wolf August 12, 2005
1. The land of BIGOTRY

2. Home of 1 good thing, "the needle in the haystack" aka Kara Wilder

3. Home of the Wildcats

4. A place u visit only when you're driving somewhere important when you suddently blow a tire or run out of gas.
1) Kansans elected George W. Bush (need I say more?)

2) Random person: So where are u from?
Kara: Kansas
Ransom person: WHAT?!! They make women like u in kansas?


4) The most entertaining tourist attraction is... ... the Santa Fe trail where u might find an arrowhead or a hand made bowl... ... wow

by sugabrwn April 05, 2006
the most boring state in the USA.
There is nothing to do in Kansas.
by Naleilei April 18, 2005
- a midwestern state
- very flat
- has lots of Jayhawks
- really boring
- not many people live there
- lots of rednecks and trashy homes
- most famous things include <i>The Little House on The Prarie, The Wizard of Oz, Kansas University, world's largest ball of twine, Bob Dole</i>
Kansas is a waste of perfectly good space.
by AJ November 28, 2004
The State of Corn not wheat.

Endless fields of corn and one young boy named cha.
That word isnt even in your dictionary Corn boy.
by unknown II June 01, 2005

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