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Kandice was the hottest most enticing 7th grader when I was in high school, made you wanna SQUALEA!!! She was a cheerleader and loved to show off her thongs. Sweet motha-fucking ass, grab that shit, like grabbing a million dollars, you'd go straight to Nirvana and wish that you could just be there grabbin that choice piece of ass.
Fresh: Indi, you drunk as motha, last night all you talked about was Kandice with a "k"
Indi: Shit, are you kidding me?
Fresh: hell no, i got the shit on tape and sent it to her dad, jay cutler.
Indi: oh fuck, i gotta get outa town, hes gonna beat my ass down if he knows what i said!
Fresh: stupid fuckhead, you had it comming
Indi: damn, your right, i'll go stay with ray schazz, he'll protect me
Fresh: SQUALEA!!!
by india jones March 01, 2005
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