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Kampana, batingaw, or bell

bell –noun
1. a hollow instrument of cast metal, typically cup-shaped with a flaring mouth, suspended from the vertex and rung by the strokes of a clapper, hammer, or the like.
2. the stroke or sound of such an instrument: We rose at the bell.
3. anything in the form of a bell.
4. the large end of a funnel, or the end of a pipe, tube, or any musical wind instrument, when its edge is turned out and enlarged.

Church wedding bell. The Church of Roman Catholic, always ring their bell after the mass, or angelus.
Kampana, or batingaw, means bell, in English.

Kampana, is bell in English, Lingganay in visayan.

The kampana will bagting after any ceremony that happens mostly in a church.
by Last T. January 13, 2008
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