An alcoholic BEVERAGE, ya see. You gotta FREEEEEZE one of every COLOR 4 loko my boy. Put the ICECUBES in the CUP, Theo. Pour some more LOKO and VODKA, ya see. That my boy is a KAMICOSBY!
Curiosity Cosby is on the roof drinking KAMICOSBYS, ya see. THE MOOOOOON MAKES HIM CURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Cosby 27 - Vocabulary Cosby November 13, 2009
Top Definition
An achoholic drink spiked with anything from muscle relaxers to animal tranquilizers. Used primarily to unknowingly intoxicate another person to render them helpless for your own sexual gratification.
I don't remember anything after acting class last night. But, I woke up in Santa Monica with a wicked headache and couldn't find my underwear. I think someone slipped me a KamiCosby.
by nagrev October 28, 2015
A Jell-O shot with so much alcohol in it that it causes you to black out
I had one KamiCosby and woke up in some random apartment to some dude in a sweater fondling me.
by RiddyTX July 11, 2015
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