A beautiful, intelligent and kind-hearted chick who often changes colors based on a number of factors.
Watch out, that kamelia's too hot to handle.
by tarp November 11, 2004
Top Definition
A super hot, super liberal, persian girl. She is also has wonderful grammer and stuff like that, and corrects people's english, but everyone still loves her cuz she's awsome. Oh, and, she's the hottest person in existence.
Kamelia is so HOT and lovable, that even when she's crying, upset, and talking about something serious, people have a tendency to ask her if she's feeling frisky :)
by Hiva November 13, 2004
Total awecome sauce. She epicly pwns in everything she does. Being loved by everyone she's the life of the party. Also a sex goddess she holds nothing back from her lover. Fufilling his every desire and fantisy.
I want to be Kamelia... She's so amazing.
by iipwn August 19, 2011
One who so stubbornly maintains a mother has the right to deprive her children of McDonald's.
My mum's gone Kamelia on me again.
by Arash March 15, 2005
the ugliest thing on earth. Kamelias do not know how to act, they suck dick for hamburgers. These are poor ugly creatures that humans cannot and WILL not be associated with. These so called "humans" named Kamelias are found in the wild sucking rhiannons dick and rhianonn the fat elephant is there trying to find kamelias lost camel
* goes to Dubai for vacation then spots a Kamelia* "holy shit! a real life kamelia!, and ITS actually sucking dick! no surprise there!!"
by bustinitopen123 June 09, 2015
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