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Someone who is born from the wrong hole.(The Asshole)
These people are usually assholes themselves.
That guy makes such retarded jokes,
He's a "kameel".
by LIL HITLER October 28, 2011
4 3
An Negro that enjoys the company of Asian men(s).
"Wow Chris Tucker is the biggest kameel ever"
"I am getting myself an kameel today"
by Dr Dinh March 09, 2008
19 7
Kameel is a guy who is obsessed with his body, but reluctant to show it off due to personal insecurities. Such a person will spent countless hours in the mirror when on its own. Also a sex addict.
See that big guy who wears tank tops to the beach, hes a true Kameel.
by Raja200 January 03, 2012
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