Top Definition
sexy, fine woman
she is such a kaja
by kaya November 13, 2003
pretty and funny person who knows what she wants but isn't arrogant or selfish. she's a passionate lover and would do anything for the person she's with right now.

whoever gets the love of a kaja can call themselves lucky.

she's always there for her friends and even though she sometimes makes the weirdest jokes on earth - means it all good.

Kaja's tend to be very nice, loving, funny, weird and often they have the weirdest laughs ever, that make everyone around her laugh.
i'm so glad i have Kaja as a friend
god! i can't stop laughing because of how kaja laughs!
by yo bro 1642356 January 30, 2012
To toke up, marijuana, cannabis, reefer,
Bob marley smoked the Kaja.
by blh360 April 06, 2009
Nicolai's girlfriend.. period
that girl kaja is so cute..

forget about her, she belongs to Nicolai..
by a very awsome guy August 09, 2008
people with the name of KAJA are normally sluts, whores, and cockmouths. they tend to flirt with your boyfriend, (her ex-boyfriend) and your ex-boyfriend, too. She also likes to stalk peoples facebooks, normally people witht he name of Renee. KAJAs might come off as super pretty and nice, but after you get to know her she is a total bitch. Then, she'll post weird defaults with something weird going on on her forehead.
person 1 That Kaja girl is a real slut!
person 2 Weerd shes flirting with my boyfriend, and my ex-boyfriend! She's all over my wall too, stalker much???
by your worst nightmare (: January 01, 2011
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