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A reference to the dangly parts of the male anatomy by someone who doesn't know how to spell in Spanish:

Otherwise known as Cojones.
Anglophone: Do you have the kahonas to ask her out?
Hispanophone: I have the cajones, if that is what you mean.
by fred666 December 04, 2006
Used in place of afsos .
Started by an asshole Bond ,wanted to make it big but afsos only.
Man...kaho na
WTF kaho na only
by Serial killer April 01, 2005
The Two Objects Found in the Nether Region of the male body, also known as the Balls, Testicles, Nuts, or Manhood.
"Wow...i've never seen a shot to the kahonas like that..."
"come on, grow a set of kahonas and just go ask her out."
by Meachdog October 26, 2005
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