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1. excessively bawdy
2. can describe a person who is hailed by all as one of the world's best house/techno/dubstep disc jockey
3. pertaining to the quality of having a rambunctious rear end
4. prophesized to be the one to terminate John Travolta
1. Shit mayne, did you see that kaelular kunt?
2. Fuck this music is kaelular. I would rather listen to this than sleep with 72 virgins.
3. Lafonda has always been pretty kaelular, so i'm not surprised that she knocked over the sculture at sf moma.
4. Holy Tits! That guy is almost as bad ass as kaelular. I would give my left nut to be as wack as him!
by whatitisyo_itiswhat January 19, 2010

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