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someone who has a wide juicy, thick scrumptuous fat ass. Remember this person has a fat ass they are not a fat ass person there's a big difference!
I was wlkin down the street and i saw dis girl with the fattest damn kadunkadunk!
by Benya_Benya November 17, 2005
an ass
used mostley for a big wide or fat ass
shittt you seen that bitchis fine ass kadunkadunk
by will August 11, 2004
Fat Booty
Yo dat hoe be havin baggin kadunkadunk
by Seymore Busts April 23, 2003
Ka = Kick Ass
Dunk = Big Ass
Kadunk: Nice kick ass booty.
Bob: "Man that girl's got some kadunk kadunk."
by Welby May 13, 2005
Kadunkadunk started out as a huge mistake I was asking a friend to play a song by Twista-called Badunkadunk well sort of-I said Kadunkadunk, it became a word kinda like oops, that has followed me around like crazy from Redondo Bch.,CA to Sunland, CA now everyone calls me Kadunkadunk thanks Charro!!!
Kadunkadunk, I forgot my man's gettin' released today from the hooskow!
by Donna (Kadunkadunk) Wright April 16, 2005
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