mexican girl, who thinks she is white...which is why she can't spell her name right. she shops at abercrombie, ruehl, and urban outfiters. not cooler that lindsey.
wow even with all the money kadey spends on clothes, she still looks worse than lindsey.
by kaydizzle11 August 18, 2008
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A woman with a heart of pure gold. Always there to listen, even if it is utter bull. Will do anything to see her friends smile again. However, very damaged and fragile at heart. Can rely on Kadey whenever you need it and will call on you one day to be there for her, so don't take advantage of her heart.
"I'm having a really hard time, I need someone to talk to"
-"Kadey loves to listen and will try and help you as much as she can! "
by h_ku November 20, 2014

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