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A show on Nickelodeon that aired a few years ago that featured different skits such as: Loopy's World, Henry and June, etc.
Kid: "I just got done watching kablam!"
by DiiKaBaKa January 20, 2004
a big noise or explosion
The bomb went off and there was a big kablam and then smoke and fire was everywhere.
by JoyToy(: July 14, 2008
What you say when something amazing as just happened.
Kablam! did you just see that flying monkey!
by Shananay1234 May 24, 2010
The final thrust before achieving the ultimate orgamism, while clenching your but muscles for maximum spray.
Pam came over and "kablam"! Clean yourself up girl.
by Ronald Jones July 12, 2003
an incredibly sizeable penis
check out his Kablam! its fucking huge!
by Wayne October 01, 2003
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