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Swedish word for feces entangled around anal hair of e.g. bovine.

Similar to 'dingleberry' in English and 'paskanmarja' in Finnish.
The cow had 'kånkelbär' dingling below the root of its tail.
by canis pecus February 26, 2008
The Swedish translation of the word Dingle Berry (The crusty, hard, smelly cruds of poo that get stuck in the hair growing around the anus)
"kånkel" translates into "clingy" or "sticky" and "bär" into "forest fruit". hence the equivalent of Dingle Berry
Yo holmes, pass me a tootpick I've got a bad case of kånkel-bär goin on between my teeth.
by rustyrimjob February 12, 2008
A very strange Swedish word that can't really be translated into any other language, kånkel-bär is what we Swedish people call the little "berries"(bär) of excrament that can sometimes get caught up in your anal-hair.
1. Kånkel-bär är en delikatess i Arboga.
2. Bengan: "Fan va många bär du plockade då!"
Rasmus: "Ja, det kan man ju förvänta sig, jag har inte torkat röven på tre veckor!"
Bengan: "Om du inte håller käften detta ögonblick, ska jag slå dig så hårt i ansiktet att det kommer spruta bajs ur din jävla fitt-näsa."
Rasmus: "Bamse-korv med en jävla massa mos?"
by david_of_sweden November 29, 2007
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