An amazing store for tween girls. Contains the most fashionable clothes. Often located in the mall. A little pricey.
Lilly: That's an sick jacket. Where did you get it?
Ally: From Justice
by Lilly Miz April 03, 2011
That girl totally made me want to do justice all over her face.
by theFappinator October 17, 2008
Adj. 1. The descriptive term for a cup of ice with no beverage. 2. To wear nothing but jewlery or 'ice' 3. The short-hand version of "just ice"
bunny #1: What are you wearing in the playboy photo-shoot?
bunny #2: justice.
by A really smart person December 30, 2005
Another terminology for marijuana. This slang term was first used in approximately 1987 as an alternative to the other 100+ synonyms for ganja so that no one would know wtf you were talking about. It was further solidified after Metallica released "...And Justice For All" in 1988 in what still appears to be synchronicity of the green kind. Usage of this slang can be expanded beyond the simplistic and obvious. The word justified is already noted, but terms such as justice burger can be readily utilized. Due to the ongoing prohibition of this medical and recreational hooha, new and undercover verbiage must constantly be updated and applied. Most people in the know find great satisfaction in using justice in front of the leo without them having a clue what is being referred to.
"Have you checked out the justice that Bill has?"

With someone listening over your shoulder "Hey, has Mr. Justice come home yet?" versus using the classic "Hey, has the Boogieman come home yet?"
by JusticeDog February 21, 2007
I once had a guy do a drive by insult on me as i was walking my dogs. he called me a fagot ass motherfucker. i remembered his face and car. i ran into him accidentally when he was walking out of a store months later. i pissed into a bottle and splashed it all over the interior of his car. i also dumped salt and water into the gas tank of another different drive by insult. drive by insults are for passive aggressive trash who think they have the last laugh. I'm still laughing now, motherfucker!
drive by insults may be funny for the passive driver, but some people like myself have taken REAL ACTION for vengeance. they don't know when it's coming or how. justice

they only think they can get away. but i've made sure to remember their face, car and plate.
by eazy-X April 28, 2008
The very height of hypocrisy
The Equation of Justice
Justice = hypocrisy
by KYJC April 12, 2008
a french electroduo who produces music that is like sex for your ears
1."I love justice"
2."Justice was enjoyable"
by laylala July 27, 2008

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