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A Junk bumper in that line of fat and stomach mass that is either partially above, or completely covers the entire genital region of a man or woman. While it is similar to a pooch, it is in fact lower and much more intrusive and often gets in the way during sex, sitting on a chair or when peeing (especially for men who may have to lift it out of the way).

People with large junk bumpers are often times seen sitting on either 40% of a chair, or with their legs spread wide as they can no longer connect at the knees.

Derives from "Junk", term for genitals and "Bumper", the force/shock absorber on most cars.
Man, did you see how roger had to move his junk bumper out of the way before took a leak?

Her junk bumper is so big that it actually presses her underwear up so close to her pants that I could see the design underneath

Once I finally got her in bed, her junk bumper just pancaked to the point where I was chowing belly button instead of box.
by rgv_rss April 18, 2007
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