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Adverb /jəNGgəlē/

1. in a manner or behavior often exhibited by less than reputable or uncultured African Americans
2. behavior that resembles being loud, obnoxious, rude, or irrational

3. a situation that is considered raucous or out of control
"Hey man, I was at this kickback last night that had tunes droppin' mad, makin' hoes go buck on the dance floor when all of a sudden Leon and Jamaal started dropping gloves over some hoodie who spilled purple on their kicks. It got crazy jungly quick when a chair was tossed across the room."
by P1CKL35 October 04, 2011
12 4
when something is less jungle than b4, innit
dj zincs ready or not is jungly than hypes version
by nick tyler November 20, 2006
2 15