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it's the moment when you are trapped in a bad situation, and you are quickly trying to get away hoping things won't get worse.

also referred to as 'jumped the fence'
NICK- Dude, i punched Elle in the boob at Josh's party!
RONNY- Did she know it was you?
NICK- No...but i've been jumping the fence ever since
by LGLG September 14, 2008
A phrase describing a particular person, place or thing as having good qualities.

The phrase itself is always written or said in the present tense.
1. One restaurant that is definately jumping the fence is Tommy Condon's Irish Pub.

2. Excuse me ladies, but you all are certainly jumping the fence tonight.

3. I had some Maryland-style crab cakes the other night and they were really jumping the fence.
by Troy Turner May 05, 2006
while having intercourse, "doggy style", with a female the male suddenly jumps to anal
Sally got mad that Jack was jumping the fence.
by Full Nelson December 04, 2007
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